HUD Announces Section 811 Rental Assistance Awardees

HUD recently announced the funding awards for the Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration Program. Under this program, HUD provides project-based rental assistance funds to state housing finance agencies to award and administer to multifamily rental properties. A total of $97,849,801 was awarded to 13 states to assist 3,501 housing units nationwide.

The award recipients responded to a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) in May 2012; applications were rated and selected for funding on the basis of several selection criteria including: review of implementation plan and program description, financial health of organization, experience with managing rental assistance programs, ability to leverage other funds, extent of need for program, and more.

The following state agencies received the awards: California Housing Finance Agency, Delaware State Housing Authority, Georgia Housing and Finance Authority, Illinois Housing Development Authority, Louisiana Housing Corporation, Maryland Dept. of Housing and Community Development, Massachusetts Dept. of Housing and Community Development, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Montana Department of Commerce, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and Washington State Department of Commerce.