Joint Biden-Sanders Task Force Issues Affordable Housing Recommendations

Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign recently released the policy recommendations reached by its joint task forces with supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders. The idea of joint task forces was born out of Biden and Sanders’ pledges to unite the party ahead of the November election.

With regard to affordable housing, the task force’s recommendations include “dramatic increases in funding to provide more affordable housing, reduce prices, create jobs using clear labor standards for all federal housing spending, and to decarbonize housing.” The task force recommends the following:

  • Fully fund Section 8 vouchers and make them an entitlement to all of those who are eligible.
  • Create good, union jobs in a sweeping plan to build, retrofit, and decarbonize homes.
  • Substantially expand investment in the National Housing Trust Fund to produce and operate affordable rental homes for the lowest-income households.
  • Repair and rehabilitate public housing through a major investment in the refurbishment of housing facilities.

The recommendations can be found here.