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In the News

Renters Are a Growing Segment of U.S. Households

February 26, 2009    

According to an analysis of Census data by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the proportion of renters among U.S. households has increased steadily in recent months.

In the fourth quarter of 2008, there were an estimated 632,000 more renter households in the U.S. than during the...

Cost Problem for Grandparent-Headed Households

February 26, 2009    

A 2008 HUD report to Congress on intergenerational housing needs found that about 50 percent of very low-income, grandparent-headed, renter households paid more than half their income...

Vouchers Are More Costly than PHA Reform, Study Says

February 1, 2009    

A recent report by the Center on Policy and Budget Priorities (CPBP) claims that reforming public housing is less costly than increasing the number of rental assistance vouchers....

M2M Program Offers Owners "Green" Incentives

December 24, 2008    

“Green” technology, devices, and plans are typically cheaper and easier to implement when constructing a new building than when retrofitting an older building. But the incentives in the Mark-to-Market (M2M) program offered through HUD's Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (...