Q & A

Paying HAP for Late Move-Out

April 23, 2009    

Q If a resident gives a 30-day notice to move out at the end of the month, but does not actually move out until the middle of the following month, is the owner entitled to that month's housing assistance payment (HAP)? The resident's new unit...

Providing Applicant Information to Third Party

April 23, 2009    

Q I have a potential applicant at my Section 202/8 site who is being informally represented by her sister. The helper-sister routinely handles most of the applicant's affairs and wants to sign application materials on her behalf. She would like to...

Claiming Son as Live-in Aide

March 25, 2009    

Q A resident has been living in our Section 8 building for over 20 years. She now wants to claim her son as her live-in aide. Can she do this? What do I need to do?

Terminating Subsidy for Resident Who Becomes Incarcerated

March 25, 2009    

Q Can a current resident, who is the only member of the household, receive Section 8/202 subsidy if she is sent to prison?

Exterminating Pests When Resident Denies Access to Unit

March 25, 2009    

Q A unit at the site I manage has roaches, but the resident will not allow the exterminator to come into the unit. The resident says that she has respiratory problems; she claims that it would be too much of a hardship for her to leave for any length...

Accounting for Mutual Funds

March 25, 2009    

Q I know a mutual fund is an asset, but should I treat it the way I treat a current savings account or the way I treat a checking account, using a six-month average balance?

Removing Officers from Resident Councils

March 25, 2009    

Q Can resident councils in multifamily complexes vote out current officers?

A According to Bramlet, the LIHTC program offers no guidance on this type of issue. HUD also does not have rules on resident...

Coordinating Move-out/Move-in Dates

February 26, 2009    

Q Suppose an incoming resident wants to sign a lease for a unit at our site beginning March 1, and the prior site is moving the resident out on February 29. But the incoming resident wants “to sign in” at our site on February 26 to take...

Counting SSI Payment: Before or After Wage Deduction?

February 1, 2009    

Q An applicant for a unit at our assisted site is employed but also collects SSI. Because of her wages, the SSI payment is reduced. SSI lists the maximum allowable payment as $637, but then deducts $249.50 because of her wages, making her net monthly...