Reduce Costs, Save Time When Recertifying Income

July 14, 2020    

HUD recently published the final rule implementing Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act legislation. HUD’s December 2017 interim rule amended regulatory language that applies to Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher program, Section 8, and Section 202/811 PAC/PRAC...

How to Restrict Residents' Right to Have Visitors During Pandemic

June 12, 2020    

Restricting visitors may be a legitimate health measure—as long as the restrictions are reasonable.


Domestic Violence During the Pandemic: How to Ensure Safe Housing at Your Site

May 29, 2020    

For victims of domestic violence, staying at home during the pandemic may not be the safest option.


HUD Updates the COVID-19 Multifamily Q&A

May 1, 2020    

Here’s how to comply with the latest guidance on CARES Act provisions, building operations, and certifications.


On April 14, HUD published another update to the HUD COVID-19 Q&A document. HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs, which oversees...

Is Your Site Prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic?

March 30, 2020    

We'll review the best practices for operating a housing site during a public health crisis.



Whether or not cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in your area, you should review your site’s emergency response plans and update them accordingly as a...

Minimize Tenant Fraud by Following HUD's SSN Rules

February 28, 2020    

Tenant fraud occurs when an applicant or household member deliberately provides false or misleading information or omits key facts to obtain or increase the amount of assistance provided, and then signs or declares that the lies or omissions are true.

The Risk of the Incomplete Lease

January 29, 2020    

Leases that don't have the required attachments will raise red flags for auditors.

How to Execute a Repayment Agreement Properly

December 13, 2019    

HUD expects owners to enforce program requirements set forth in the HUD Handbook and the HUD model lease. In fact, HUD requires owners to investigate and research discrepancies and possible errors to promote income and rent integrity [HUD Handbook 4350.3, par. 8-18(A)]. Likewise, HUD expects...

How to Handle Online Assistance Animal Certifications for Reasonable Accommodations

November 22, 2019    

Recently, HUD’s focus has been directed to certain websites that may be selling assistance animal verifications. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has written to Chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Joseph J. Simons and Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection Andrew Smith...

Review Site’s Bedbug Rules, Lease Addenda to Ensure Compliance

October 29, 2019    

In the fall, as the heat of summer diminishes, site managers typically experience an increase in pest complaints from residents as outdoor pests move indoors seeking warmth. Site managers also find an increase in bedbug sightings, despite the fact that bedbugs are indoor pests that are rarely...

Answers to Common Questions About Handling Disability Insurance Payments

October 1, 2019    

When you certify or recertify households, some members may tell you that they’re getting disability payments through a short-term or long-term disability insurance plan. These payments replace part of the wages household members lose when they can’t work due to illness or injury. The...

Data Security: Take Steps to Protect Residents’ and Applicants’ Personal Information

September 10, 2019    

A consistent stream of hacks and large-scale corporate data breaches in the news have heightened the public’s awareness and sensitivity towards privacy issues. Most recently, a major bank broke news of a data breach that affected approximately 100 million customers in the U.S. and another...