How to Verify Household Composition Change When Member Moves Out

November 21, 2017    

When a household member leaves, you need to take into consideration possible changes to the household's subsidy and the possibility of having to move the household to another appropriately sized apartment. For example, after a member moves out, the household could still be getting allowances...

Five Tips for Boosting Your Rate of Return of Verification Forms

October 13, 2017    

HUD requires that you verify all information given to you by applicants and residents that affects your assessment of their eligibility for housing and level of assistance. The owner is responsible for determining if a verification documentation is adequate and credible.

Follow 10 Rules for Preparing Rent Comparability Study

September 27, 2017    

At some point in time, you’re likely to need a rent comparability study (RCS) that looks at rents charged at comparable market-rate sites in your area. For example, as a requirement for renewal, most owners with expiring Section 8 project-based contracts must submit a RCS at initial...

Six Strategies to Increase Building Resilience, Reduce Vulnerability to Extreme Weather

September 7, 2017    

Hurricane Harvey, which first came ashore on Aug. 25 as the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in 50 years, has displaced more than 1 million people and damaged nearly 200,000 homes in a path of destruction stretching for more than 300 miles. Low-income and vulnerable communities located in...

Four Important Rights and Responsibilities of Residents and Owners

August 11, 2017    

In July 2016, HUD posted a new Resident Rights and Responsibilities brochure on its website. This brochure tells households about their rights and responsibilities as residents of assisted housing. You must give the brochure to the household head whenever a new household signs its first lease...

Ensure Building and Common Areas Comply with Federal Accessibility Requirements

July 19, 2017    

Federally assisted sites are covered by accessibility requirements for design and construction under either the Fair Housing Act (FHA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. As a site owner or manager, you must make sure that your site complies with these requirements. Because HUD and...

How to Request a ‘Technical Review’ to Raise REAC Inspection Score

June 16, 2017    

If you work for a PHA or own a property that’s required by HUD to undergo physical property inspections with the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), it’s important to keep your property safe and sanitary. Doing so will maintain and increase federal funds for your site and reduce...

Follow Eight Rules for Proper Handling of Security Deposits

May 18, 2017    

As an assisted site owner or manager, you must collect security deposits from all households when they move in. These security deposits protect you from losing money when residents damage your units or fail to pay rent. However, handling security deposits incorrectly can cost you.

How to Verify Cash Value, Income of Foreign Bank Accounts, CDs

April 17, 2017    

In HUD-assisted programs there is no asset limit for participation. However, the definition of “annual income” includes net income from family assets. And net family assets include monies held in savings and checking accounts in the United States or abroad. As a site owner or manager...

Implementing Integrated Pest Management

March 28, 2017    

By Carolyn E. Zezima, Esq.

Controlling pests is an essential aspect of maintaining your site in a safe and healthy condition as well as complying with HUD physical inspection standards. Pest infestations create significant health risks for people and can result in a pretty big...

How to Avoid Fair Housing Problems When Applicants and Residents Use Wheelchairs

March 10, 2017    

Federal fair housing law bans discrimination against people on the basis of disability. And mobility impairment is a disability under the law. So if you or your staff treat mobility-impaired applicants and residents in a discriminatory manner, you’re violating the law.

Five Dos & Don'ts for Calculating Income from 'Gig Economy' or Irregular Employment

February 10, 2017    

With the rising popularity of online services that match freelance labor and local demand, you may find that an increasing number of applicants or residents are earning their income from Uber and other “gig” companies like Lyft and TaskRabbit. These companies hire their workers as...