Create Emergency Response Manual to Prepare Staff for Crisis

January 14, 2016    

A definite plan to deal with major emergencies at your site is an important element of providing a safe environment for your staff and residents. An emergency—such as a fire, flood, act of violence, earthquake, hurricane, or environmental disaster—can occur at your site at any time....

How to Implement an Admissions Preference for Homeless Applicants

December 11, 2015    

Congress and HUD have established various types of preferences in an effort to provide housing to those most in need. HUD rules currently include four different kinds of preferences that apply to various programs [HUD Handbook 4350.3, par. 4-6(B)]. Of these four preferences, three of them apply...

Use Checklist to Review Resident Files for Completeness

November 12, 2015    

Sloppy resident files are a headache you can do without during your annual audit or management and occupancy review. Auditors routinely review resident files to see how well your company complies with HUD rules. If a file is missing important documents, it may act as a signal to an auditor that...

How to Request Releases from Site's Residual Receipts Account

October 15, 2015    

HUD requires many owners of nonprofit and limited-dividend sites with HUD-insured and HUD-held mortgages, including Section 202 program sites, to set up residual receipts accounts. Generally, all sites owned by nonprofit mortgagors and all Section 236 and 221(d)(3) projects owned by limited...

Review Resident Selection Plan for Issues Covered in Recent HUD Memos and Notices

September 29, 2015    

If you own or manage an assisted site, you must have a written resident selection plan that incorporates the policies and procedures covering each step of the selection process. It’s important to have a well-written resident selection plan because it can show HUD you’re complying...

Q&A on the High Court's Ruling on Disparate Impact Liability

September 11, 2015    

Everyone agrees that federal fair housing law covers intentional discrimination, but there were lingering questions about whether it also applies to what’s known as “disparate impact” discrimination—housing practices that appear to be neutral, but have an unfair effect on...

How to Request 'Add-On' Management Fees for Demanding Long-Term Site Conditions

August 12, 2015    

Are you dealing with unusual long-term management problems or extra administrative burdens at your site? For instance, do you have unusually high maintenance and security costs because you’re managing a site in a deteriorated area with a high incidence of crime and vandalism? Or are you...

How to Conduct and Document Handbook-Required Meetings with Residents

July 14, 2015    

HUD requires you to offer to meet with applicants and residents in specific circumstances. These meetings let applicants and residents dispute important decisions that you’ve made about their housing assistance. We’ll describe three situations you’ll most likely deal with in...

How to Verify Applicants Claiming Eligible Immigration Status

June 17, 2015    

HUD’s noncitizen rule says that only households made up entirely of U.S. citizens and/or certain eligible noncitizens (such as a permanent resident alien) can benefit from federal rental assistance [HUD Handbook 4350.3, par. 3-12 (A)]. To ensure that an ineligible noncitizen doesn’t...

How to Certify Households that Share Custody of Children

May 19, 2015    

A household may report to you that its members include children who are part of a joint custody arrangement. That is, the children live part of the time with the household and part of the time with their other parent, who doesn’t live in the unit. For example, a household head may report...

Perform Interim Recertification After Five Household-Reported Changes

April 17, 2015    

Occasionally, you may need to perform an interim recertification for a household. This means that you must recalculate the household’s income and assistance before the household’s scheduled recertification date based on a change in the household’s situation. For example, when a...

Seven Tips for a Successful Food Waste Collection & Composting Program

March 30, 2015    

By Carolyn E. Zezima, Esq.