Dealing with Households

Focus on Resident Conservation to Reduce Site’s Energy and Water Consumption

September 26, 2013    

HUD rules on energy assessment and conservation encourage managers to take steps to reduce their site’s energy and water usage and to engage and educate residents in making the site a greener, more sustainable place to live. Some energy assessment and conservation measures can require...

Train Staff How to Respond When Passenger-Filled Elevator Breaks Down

January 15, 2013    

If your site has an elevator, it’s important that your staff know the proper steps to take when a passenger-filled elevator breaks down. If your staff doesn’t take the proper steps and passengers get injured during the breakdown, you could get sued, warns risk management consultant...

Five Rules for Responding to Domestic Violence

July 29, 2012    

Dealing with domestic violence is one of the trickiest problems site managers face. You may have observed domestic violence first hand, responded to noise complaints from neighbors, have the police called to your site, been asked to terminate a lease against a resident's abusive spouse, or...

Prevent Unauthorized Move-Ins and Problem Guests with House Rules

October 30, 2011    

Long-term guests can be big-time headaches at assisted sites. Some residents abuse their housing assistance by letting guests stay over with them frequently or continuously. Residents may think that you won't care because they believe they're using resources at HUD's expense.

How to Cut Risks When Accepting Packages for Residents

June 30, 2011    

Most apartment residents are not home during the day to accept packages sent to them. That's why many sites accept packages for their residents and hold them until the residents come to pick them up. But if you do not control package deliveries and pickups, you could run into trouble, says...

How to Respond to Claims of Resident-on-Resident Harassment

February 28, 2011    

If you are ever approached by a resident complaining of harassment by another resident, you need to take the claim seriously and follow up accordingly. The worst thing you could do is to ignore the complaint or write it off as a personal issue just between the two residents.

Set Proper Procedures for Handling Resident Grievances

December 28, 2010    

Your staff members deal with various types of requests from residents every day. Occasionally, a resident may feel that his or her issue has not been properly acknowledged, is not being followed up on, or that things are just taking too long. Very quickly, the request can turn into a complaint....

Working with Applicants and Residents with AIDS or HIV

September 27, 2010    

Individuals with AIDS, or the HIV virus that causes AIDS, continue to battle stereotypes and misconceptions. The idea that having such individuals at your site could threaten the health and safety of other residents and your staff is unfounded. Yet it persists.

Accommodating Wheelchair Users: What Is "Reasonable"?

August 29, 2010    

You already know you must provide reasonable accommodations for applicants and residents who are disabled and use a wheelchair for mobility. But as an owner or manager, you also must be certain that you maintain a safe environment for all your residents and visitors.

Top Tips for Successful Interviewing

August 29, 2010    

As an owner or manager, one of your key responsibilities is to work with households and individuals to determine their correct level of eligibility and amount of rent and to ensure that they are placed in an appropriate unit. This is accomplished through a thorough interview where information is...

Give New Residents Orientation Letter to Get Off on Right Foot

June 20, 2010    

In “Follow HUD Guidelines for New Resident Orientation,” above, we discuss the importance of briefing new residents on the terms of the lease and house rules. HUD's guidelines for conducting this briefing include providing information in written form, such as a packet of handouts...

How to Build Effective Case Against Noisy Residents

April 30, 2010    

Loud music. Raucous late-night parties. Constant, excessive noise. Your worst nightmare, right?

Chances are you've probably heard or received complaints about these situations. Some of them were probably easy to deal with. Others weren't. And when they happen frequently, and the...