Adopting No-Trespass Policy to Boost Site Security


As housing providers and housing professionals, you place the utmost importance on providing residents with safe accommodations. One part of your site security strategy may be to use state and local criminal trespass laws to enhance security by issuing oral or written no-trespassing warnings for a specified amount of time to any nonresident who has no legal right to be on the site’s property, or who is not an invited guest of a resident.

If you see nonresidents loitering and they cannot name a resident they are visiting, then they are trespassing and you can tell them to leave. And someone who enters property with permission but stays after he has been told to leave is committing trespass.

In this case, an oral or written statement to leave the premises can be used to support a trespass claim. Your site's security staff should document any incidents in which they give an oral notice to someone to leave the premises. For an example of a written statement you can adapt and issue, click here.