Q & A

PHA Didn't Retaliate Against Resident by Requiring Recertification

January 17, 2023    

In a recent case, a resident asked the court for a preliminary injunction—that is, an order before the trial—to halt a PHA’s eviction case against him. The case involves a request for reasonable accommodations for an emotional support animal and a PHA’s routine...

President Biden Signs HUD Funding Bill into Law

January 17, 2023    

On Dec. 29, President Biden signed into law a $1.7 trillion federal spending bill to fund the federal government through the end of fiscal year 2023. Congress had passed the FY 2023 Omnibus appropriations legislation with a House vote of 225 to 201 with one member voting present. The Senate...

HUD Issues 2023 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors

December 14, 2022    

HUD recently published a notice in the Federal Register establishing operating cost adjustment factors (OCAFs) for eligible multifamily housing properties. OCAFs are used to adjust the rent to current market conditions on eligible multifamily housing projects with project-based contracts issued...

OIG Issues Management Alert on Complying with the Lead Safe Housing Rule

October 18, 2022    

OIG says HUD should require owners to document their determinations that work qualifies for the de minimis exemption.


While conducting an ongoing audit of the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s management of lead-based paint hazards in its public housing units, HUD...

HUD and Census Bureau Release New American Housing Survey

October 18, 2022    

The median renter now pays nearly the same as the median owner in total housing costs.


Every two years, HUD and the Census Bureau produce the American Housing Survey (AHS), the most comprehensive analysis of the nation's housing inventory. The AHS is the largest...

HUD Releases FY 2023 Fair Market Rents

September 23, 2022    

On Sept. 1, HUD released the FY 2023 Fair Market Rents (FMRs). HUD is required by law to set FMRs every year. FMRs are an estimate of the amount of money that would cover gross rents (rent and utility expenses) on 40 percent of the rental housing units in an area. They go into effect on Oct.

HUD Releases Updated PHA Disaster Readiness Guidebook

September 23, 2022    

HUD recently released an updated version of its Public Housing Agency (PHA) Disaster Readiness, Response, and Recovery Guidebook to assist PHAs in effectively navigating the disaster process. Data shows disasters disproportionally affect low-income and historically marginalized communities,...

Bill Introduced to Expand HUD Service Coordinators

September 23, 2022    

On Sept. 15, Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) introduced the Expanding Service Coordinators Act. The two primary programs that fund service coordinators for residents of federally assisted housing are the Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator program and the Resident Opportunity and Self-...

PHA Can Evict Resident for Guest's Criminal Behavior

August 11, 2022    

HUD says owners may terminate tenancy for any of the following types of criminal activity by a covered person (that is, a tenant, household member, guest, or other person under the tenant’s control):

1.       Any criminal activity that threatens the...

GAO Gives HUD Update on Open Recommendations

August 11, 2022    

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently reminded HUD of some ways it could improve its operations. In November 2021, GAO reported that 67 percent of its recommendations for HUD made four years prior were implemented. And HUD has implemented four of GAO’s 13 priority...

HUD Offers Additional $113M to Build Renter Resiliency

August 11, 2022    

HUD recently released an agenda for economic justice that describes actions the department will take to help low-income renters build assets, along with a Notice of Funding Opportunity for $113 million for the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program to help HUD-assisted families increase earned...

Housing Report Highlights Affordability Challenges

July 14, 2022    

A surge in consumer prices has made the affordability challenge for renters even more severe, particularly for low-income households and households of color, according to The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS) annual report, “The State of the Nation’s...