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Vice President Biden Releases Affordable Housing Plan

March 5, 2020    

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently released his plans to address the nation’s affordable housing crisis. His plan would invest $640 billion over 10 years “so every American has access to housing that is affordable, stable, safe and healthy, accessible, energy efficient and...

A Support Animal Can’t Be Just Any Animal

March 2, 2020    

HUD’s recent Assistance Animals Notice makes a significant distinction in the types of animals that residents may have as support animals. If the animal is commonly kept in households—such as a “dog, cat, small bird, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, other rodent, fish, turtle, or other...

Impact of Racism on Public Housing Explored in New PBS Documentary

March 2, 2020    

A new documentary entitled “East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story” takes a close look at a public housing project opened by the Atlanta Housing Authority in 1970 and demolished a generation later. The documentary, which was executive produced by filmmaker Ken Burns, looks at the...

Trump Administration Proposes FY 2021 HUD Budget

February 12, 2020    

President Trump recently unveiled his administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 budget, “A Budget for America’s Future,” which would provide HUD with $47.9 billion in funding. This figure represents a cut of $8.6 billion, or 15 percent below 2020 enacted levels.

Don't Give Away Rejected Applicant's Spot Until Appeal Process Ends

February 12, 2020    

HUD rules require you to give every applicant you reject an opportunity to appeal the rejection. A written rejection notice must include the specifically stated reason(s) for the rejection, notice of the applicant’s right to respond to the owner in writing or request a meeting within 14...

Senator Warren to Introduce Companion Bill to Preserve Public Housing

January 31, 2020    

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently announced she will introduce the Senate companion bill to the Public Housing Emergency Response Act. First introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY), the bill would create a one-time, $70 billion appropriation...

Does Your Bedbug Lease Addendum Have HUD Approval?

January 31, 2020    

In 2012, HUD issued Housing Notice 2012-5 to provide guidance on preventing and responding to pest infestations, particularly bedbugs, at HUD-assisted sites. As a result of this guidance, many sites added Bedbug Lease Addendums to the HUD Model Lease that contained provisions that may conflict...

HUD Proposes Fair Housing Rule Changes

January 15, 2020    

HUD recently published an 84-page proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule regarding how state and municipal governments address affordable housing opportunities. The rule pertains to the 1968 Fair Housing Act’s requirement that HUD grantees “affirmatively further...

Online Certifications for Assistance Animals: What You Should Know

January 15, 2020    

HUD has recently focused its attention on websites that sell assistance animal certifications. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has asked the chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection to investigate these websites for compliance with federal laws...

HUD Sets Operating Cost Adjustment Factors for 2020

December 18, 2019    

HUD recently published the Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) for fiscal year 2020. These factors are used for adjusting or establishing Section 8 rents under the Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997 (MAHRA), as amended, for projects assisted with Section 8...

Senate Committee Confirms Montgomery Nomination

December 18, 2019    

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs recently confirmed Brian Montgomery’s nomination to become Deputy Secretary of HUD. The committee approved Montgomery, who is HUD Assistant Secretary for Housing and FHA Commissioner and currently also serving as Acting Deputy...

Senator Warren to Address Public Housing Capital-Needs Backlog

December 18, 2019    

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently announced that she will introduce a Senate companion bill to Representative Nydia Velazquez’s (D-NY) “Public Housing Emergency Response Act,” which was introduced in the House in September. The bill would create a one-time, $70 billion...