About Us

 In the heavily regulated assisted housing field, Assisted Housing Management Insider provides the guidance needed to avoid the slightest misstep…a hasty decision...an overlooked notice...or even a poor choice of words…so that you don't land in legal hot water.

Assisted Housing Management Insider will provide you with expert advice and tips on how to quickly and easily comply with even the most complex HUD rules and requirements. Leading housing management professionals will teach you how to:

  • Apply HUD's “one-strike” requirements for the screening and eviction of households for drug-related or other criminal activity
  • Handle HUD's changes to its occupancy requirements, such as the income targeting rule, changes in preferences, and renting assisted units to police officers
  • Use the revised approach to estimate households future medical expenses when calculating allowances
  • Comply with requirements for electronic submission of resident data and assistance payment vouchers to TRACS

Each issue of the Insider includes helpful special features including Recent Court Rulings ... Q & A … Dos & Don'ts ... HUD Audits ... and "The Trainer."

Assisted Housing Management Insider also includes essential working tools (like model forms, letters, policies, and more), all ready to use as-is or easily adapted for your specific needs.