Q & A

Handling Payments from Special Needs Trusts

December 11, 2018    

Q I have a Section 8 housing applicant who has a special needs trust. Payment for her part-time attendant and some other expenses are made through the trust. Are regular payments from the trust for the benefit of the applicant considered...

Dealing with Proof of Identity and Second Last Names

December 11, 2018    

Q Some of our applicants, especially those from Puerto Rico, have a second last name on their birth certificate that isn’t on their Social Security card. How should this scenario be...

State-Legalized Recreational Marijuana and Federally Assisted Housing

November 19, 2018    

Q With the recent midterm elections, my state has legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Has there been any change in HUD policy with regard to marijuana use in public housing or Section 8 sites?

Medical Marijuana Patients in Federally Assisted Housing

January 19, 2018    

Q I am trying to figure out something with medical marijuana. I believe I’ve read that “regular” marijuana is still not permissible in HUD properties. One of our tenants has been prescribed medical marijuana in the form of...

Resident's Interim Recertification Request Doesn't Affect TTP

December 11, 2015    

Q A resident informed us that she now has a Medicare Part D prescription plan premium being deducted from her Social Security payments. When we go to process the interim recertification it doesn't change the rental amount. Do we still...

When Does Resident's Absence Become Abandonment?

June 17, 2015    

Q A resident who moved into an assisted unit a year and a half ago has not been living there. She pays rent, but she uses the unit only as a storage space and a mail drop. She hasn’t stayed in the unit since her lease began. She...

Creating Site Environmental Sustainability Plans

March 30, 2015    

Q: As the manager of several assisted sites, I’ve been asked to lead an effort to create an environmental sustainability plan for one of our sites, as a pilot plan for our portfolio of sites. I’ve heard of these plans, but don...

Disposing of House for Less than Fair Market Value

February 13, 2015    

Q An elderly couple at our assisted site owned a house that their son was living in. Last year, they sold it to him. I understand it was a “sweetheart deal,” allowing him to buy it at very low cost. For recertification purposes,...

Classifying Assets Placed into an Irrevocable Burial Trust

February 13, 2015    

Q If an applicant puts monies into an irrevocable burial trust, would that be considered an asset disposed of for less than fair market value? I have an applicant who put monies into an irrevocable burial trust a few months before the...

Responding to Suspected Pet Abuse

April 30, 2010    

Q Our site's pet rules, like most I've seen, are meant to protect people and property, but I haven't seen any pet rules or house rules that say anything about a resident who is abusing his animal. Can we add something about that to our...