Dos & Don'ts

Don't Omit Details in Pre-Termination Notice

June 12, 2020    

Showing that residents committed a substantial or material lease violation isn’t enough to evict them from federally assisted housing. You must also furnish a proper lease pre-termination notice letting residents know exactly what they did wrong. If the notice isn’t clear and...

Get HUD Approval for Lease Modifications

January 29, 2020    

In this month’s feature, The Risk of the Incomplete Lease, we told you what documents HUD requires you to attach to your leases. But can you make other modifications to a HUD model lease?

Five Dos & Don'ts When Certifying Households with Foster Children

December 14, 2017    

If households at your site have foster children, you need to know how to certify these households for eligibility, rent, and unit size. To do this right, you’ll need to know when to count foster children as household members and when not to, and how to deal with income and allowances....

Don't Give Away Rejected Applicant's Spot Until Appeal Process Ends

February 17, 2014    

HUD rules require you to give every applicant you reject an opportunity to appeal the rejection. A written rejection notice must include the specifically stated reason(s) for the rejection, notice of the applicant’s right to respond to the owner in writing or request a meeting within 14...

Ask Households About Income from Tips

February 17, 2014    

When determining and verifying household income, be sure to gather information from households about how much each member is expected to earn in tips over the next 12 months. HUD Handbook rules say you must count tips as part of household income [HUD Handbook, Exhibit 5-1].

Follow Four Dos & Don'ts to Get Funding for Social Service Coordinator

February 15, 2013    

Many assisted sites would like to hire a social service coordinator but don’t know where to get the money to pay the coordinator’s salary. With government grants very limited, it’s important to know what other sources you can tap to get the funding you need. And to get this...

Present Credible Proof of Illegal Drug Activity to Evict

August 15, 2012    

You can—and should—evict residents who engage in illegal drug activity in their units. But make sure you have adequate proof that the illegal activity took place.

Comply with Local Notice Requirements for Eviction

August 15, 2012    

Before seeking to evict a resident for failing to comply with Section 8 rules, make sure you comply with any local notice requirements that would give the resident an opportunity to cure his Section 8 lease violation. As stated in the previous item, don't assume that termination of Section 8...

Don't Ban Cooking Odors or Warn Ethnic Residents Against Them

August 15, 2012    

Beware of telling ethnic prospects or residents not to cook certain foods with exotic or unpleasant odors. Experts say that there's a common misconception among even well-meaning site managers that people from certain countries cook foods that give off objectionable odors. Sometimes, it'...

Enhance Efforts to Curb Trespassing

December 28, 2010    

You not only have the right to keep trespassers off your property, you have a responsibility to do so as well. Unfortunately, many site managers are reluctant to speak to a trespasser because they don't have the skills for effective communication or don't know how to interact with...

Don't Require Residents Using Electric Wheelchairs to Get Liability Insurance

June 20, 2010    

Don't be tempted to require residents who use electric wheelchairs to get liability insurance to pay for any accidents or injuries their wheelchairs may cause. Even if you think that...

Evict Resident for Use of 'Medical Marijuana'

June 20, 2010    

If a resident is found using or possessing marijuana at your site and claims that she smokes it to treat a medical condition, check with your lawyer. Unless your state has a law permitting “medical marijuana” and the resident can prove her marijuana use is for medical purposes, you...