Encouraging Residents to Comply with Site's Recycling Program

HUD encourages and supports a range of environmentally friendly practices, such as the use of renewable energy sources and green construction and renovation techniques. Many sites are taking steps in the right direction, finding that when they use such practices, they can trim operational costs, reduce health risks, and improve comfort for residents.

Recycling is another practice that HUD promotes, urging sites to actively involve residents. While that can be a challenging effort, the benefits are evident. Sites that have successfully engaged residents in recycling often find savings in their waste management costs, and residents take pride in maintaining a cleaner home and helping the environment.

One way to begin or boost a recycling program at your site is to formalize the program in lease agreements. Sites should have language in their house rules and/or lease agreements about their recycling programs. This not only shows their commitment to recycling, but also underscores the residents' role and responsibilities. For model language you can adapt and use at your site, click here.