HUD Announces Wave 4 of the Multifamily Housing Office Transformation

HUD recently announced Wave 4 of the Multifamily for Tomorrow Transformation. This initiative is designed to streamline HUD’s Multifamily field structure into a five-region model with five Regional Centers and seven Regional Satellite Offices. By doing so, HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs is facilitating clear communication, consistency, and the flexibility needed to effectively execute its mission.

Multifamily’s historic field structure was highly decentralized, with over 50 locations organized into 17 regional “hubs.” This large reporting structure made it difficult for Multifamily to maintain consistent program delivery, and this structure also inhibited risk management and created unnecessarily complex logistical hurdles to implementing and sustaining large-scale initiatives.

With Wave 4, the New York Multifamily HUB will soon become the Northeast Multifamily Regional Office, and the Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charleston (WV), Hartford, Manchester Newark, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Richmond, and Washington, D.C. offices will be absorbed into one Northeast Region. New York will serve as the Regional Center and Baltimore and Boston as Satellite Offices. Asset Management will continue in the remaining offices.