HUD Issues Notice on Income from Temporary Census Jobs

On June 5, HUD released Housing Notice 2020-06, Exclusion from Annual Income of Temporary Employment from the U.S. Census Bureau. With this notice, HUD intends to remind owners and managing agents that, pursuant to Section 24 CFR §5.609(c)(9), tenants who receive Section 8 benefits are to exclude from the calculation of annual income any temporary income payments received by those tenants from the U.S. Census Bureau. In other words, any temporary income received from the U.S. Census Bureau is excluded from annual income.

In this case, “temporary” is defined as employment lasting no longer than 180 days per year and not culminating in permanent employment. In addition, employer verification of both the employment dates and income amount must be maintained in the tenant’s file. 

The information in this recent HUD notice is in line with previously issued Housing Notice 09-16, discussed here.

Housing Notice 2020-06 can be found here.