HUD Releases NSPIRE Standards for Review and Comment

HUD recently announced the release of the first set of National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) standards, presented to allow stakeholders an opportunity to provide HUD with feedback while it’s testing the standards with demonstration volunteer properties.

Through this release, HUD is honoring its commitment to its stakeholders for an opportunity to view, and comment on, the standards that will be the centerpiece of the NSPIRE model. HUD is seeking “specific input about the clarity of the deficiencies, the accuracy of the rationales, and the overall usability of these standards” and will use feedback received to help refine the standards before a final product with new standards is issued and applied more broadly.

HUD expects to continuously publish additional standards on a new NSPIRE standards webpage over the coming months, which we will continue to share for your review and comment.

To provide comments, click on the desired item from the Standard List links below (example: Smoke Detector). This item’s standard will open in a PDF where you can review what is essentially an expanded form of the current dictionary of definitions.

Clicking on the embedded hyperlinks in the PDF document should open an email with a prepopulated subject line identifying the area of your feedback. This way you can directly provide your feedback and send your email. HUD says that you will receive an automated response back from the NSPIRE Standards team thanking you for your feedback.

If the hyperlink doesn’t work with your current browser, HUD says you can send your feedback directly to and requests that you identify the Standard and Deficiency in the subject line of the email. As HUD begins the demonstration, additional questions, comments, or concerns or compliments, may also be sent directly to the NSPIRE team at