INSIDER’s Pop Quiz!

Q: If you allow an over-income police officer to live at your site for an attractive rent, according to HUD rules, you may not also compensate him for performing some policing duties at your site. True or false?

A: False. In addition to offering an attractive rent, you may compensate an officer for performing some policing duties at your site. For example, you may make an agreement with the officer to patrol your site for one hour each week for a set fee when he’s off duty. HUD permits this type of arrangement but requires that it be described in the plan you submit to your local field office or contract administrator for approval [HUD Handbook 4350.3, par. 3-8(D)(3)(g)].

For more information on housing police officers at your site, see "How to Get HUD's Approval to House Over-Income Police or Security Officers," available to subscribers here.