Inspect and Maintain Site's A/C System Before Summer Heat Sets In

Keeping your residents cool and comfortable in the summer will do much to keep your residents happy, reduce resident complaints, and avoid HUD scrutiny. If your site's air-conditioning system breaks down this summer, some residents may even try to deduct money from their rent for the time the air-conditioning system was broken.

One way to avoid these headaches is to inspect and maintain your site's air-conditioning system before residents start increasing its usage this summer. If your site's air-conditioning system has been neglected, it's important to implement a maintenance and inspection program right away because a broken or dangerous air-conditioning system is a red flag for HUD inspectors. Also, a proper inspection and maintenance program will uncover any potentially dangerous conditions, such as leaks, mold, or bad wiring.

To ensure that the summer heat and HUD inspectors don't catch you with a broken air-conditioning system, have your maintenance staff inspect and fix any problems with the system now. Click here for a checklist to help guide your maintenance staff through their air-conditioning system inspection and maintenance.