Section 202 Sites Can Order Free COVID Test Kits from HUD Webpage

In the February issue of the Insider, we covered a HUD and Department of Health and Human Services initiative to expand the available COVID-19 diagnostic testing supply for at-risk individuals. With this initiative, Section 202 elderly sites can order no-cost over the counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests on a weekly basis.

HUD has recently launched a dedicated HUD webpage for Section 202 Housing for the Elderly sites to find information on bulk ordering and place orders for the tests.

The context: Regular testing is an important part of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and protecting those most vulnerable to serious infection, including older adults and people with disabilities. The tests allow individuals and families to test themselves in the privacy of their own homes. The tests help detect the virus during the early stages of infection and allow individuals act accordingly based on this information.

The program aims to promote community health and well-being by providing test kits to Section 202 providers that can be used to ensure residents, staff, and others are not infected with the virus or, if they are, to quickly identify, quarantine, and appropriately treat infected persons.

One level deeper: Here is some additional information on the online ordering system:

  • Testing supplies will be requested using an online ordering system known as the “Health Partner Ordering Portal” (HPOP).
  • Section 202 sites must register in order to begin ordering test kits and only organizations identified as HUD Multifamily Housing Properties that are Section 202 Elderly Projects will be able to access the site and order test kits.
  • Test kits shipped to these locations can and should be shared with organizations who partner with them to provide services and supports to individuals with disabilities, older adults and their caregivers and household members.
  • After completing HPOP registration and this registration being approved by HUD, Section 202 elderly properties will have the ability to order the number of test kits that they determine that they will be able to store and distribute without waste.
  • Orders will be input on a weekly basis. Distribution sites should only order the number of test kits that they estimate that they will be able to distribute in a one-week period.

Once orders are successfully submitted, sites can expect deliveries within seven to 10 calendar days, and Section 202 sites will be able to track their orders through the HPOP system.