Senators Introduce Tenant Survey Legislation for HAP Contract Sites

Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) recently reintroduced legislation requiring tenant surveys by HUD in response to what they call “deplorable living conditions at several subsidized-housing properties in Florida.”

The bill would require HUD Project-Based Contract Administrators to survey tenants at sites with Housing Assistance Payment contracts twice a year about site conditions and management in order to identify consistent or persistent problems with the physical condition of the structure or the performance of the manager of the structure.

If a PBCA finds such problems, she would be required to notify HUD for remediation. The bill would also allow HUD to impose a penalty on owners of not less than 1 percent of the site’s annual HAP contract. In addition, the bill would require a report from HUD on the adequate use of capital reserves and the use of HAP funds for uses unrelated to property maintenance and capital repairs.