Set Package Delivery Policy for Staff


This holiday season your site is probably seeing an uptick in package deliveries because shopping online for gifts is becoming more prevalent. Most residents aren’t home during the day to accept packages sent to them. And that's why many sites accept packages for their residents and hold them until the residents come to pick them up. But if you don’t control package deliveries and pickups, you could run into trouble. People may take packages that aren’t theirs; packages may go unclaimed because their recipients don’t know that they’ve arrived; or disputes may arise over when, or if, a package actually arrived and whether the resident ever picked it up. You could even face a lawsuit by an irate resident if something goes wrong.

You can avoid trouble and disputes by setting a policy to guide your staff when accepting and holding packages for residents, adopting rules for your residents to follow, and using a delivery and pickup log.

Click here for a Model Package Delivery Policy that you can adapt for your own use to help minimize trouble with deliveries for residents.