Provide Legal Protections for Domestic Violence Victims in Section 8 Programs

October 25, 2009    

Owners and managers administering a multifamily housing project-based Section 8 program may not evict or terminate the assistance of individuals if the asserted grounds for such action involve instances of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.

These individuals are protected...

Did You Know? Assistance Animals Are Not Pets

September 20, 2009    

According to HUD regulations, owners and managers of assisted housing may not apply or enforce pet rules against individuals with animals that are used to assist persons with disabilities. HUD does not consider assistance animals or support animals to be pets.

HUD defines assistance...

HUD Revises Handbook 4350.3

July 26, 2009    

On June 23, 2009, HUD issued Change 3 to Handbook 4350.3 REV-1, “Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs.” The changes in the new version are not as extensive or significant as the ones HUD made in Change 2 in June 2007, but there are still some points you...

How to Set EIV Policy, Inform Residents

April 23, 2009    

In late March, HUD announced that it was delaying the effective date of the Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV) and Social Security verification rules it issued in January (as discussed in last month's Insider). HUD has changed the effective date for the new EIV and Social...

How to Comply with New Guidance on Reasonable Modifications

March 25, 2009    

Dealing with reasonable accommodations may be trickier than you think. Last year the Department of Justice (DOJ) and HUD jointly issued new guidance on reasonable modifications under the Fair Housing Act. Since then, HUD has issued new statements on the housing rights of disabled applicants and...

FAQs About Leasing in the Housing Choice Voucher Program

February 26, 2009    

When you're dealing with households whose rent is subsidized through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, formerly known as the Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance Program, it is important to remember that it is not the same as the Project-Based Section 8 program you are familiar with....

HUD Mandates EIV Use, SSN Verification

February 26, 2009    

In late January 2009, HUD issued a final rule refining the income and rent determination requirements in its public and assisted housing programs. The final rule has two major new requirements for PHAs and multifamily housing program owners and managers:

  • It requires the use of...

Housing Groups Dispute HUD's Electronic Notification Methods

February 1, 2009    

In late 2008, housing groups and industry professionals met with former HUD Secretary James Preston to urge greater transparency about HUD activities. High on their agenda was discussing how HUD has discarded previous, more formal methods of notifying the public about new policies and...

Reissuance Not Necessary for Leases Without OMB Approval Number

December 24, 2008    

On Sept. 18, 2008, HUD clarified its position on the use of the new model lease, after generating a storm of controversy by requiring that all leases contain an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval number and expiration date, which is currently 2011.

HUD announced that owners...

Treat Annuities According to Change 2 Rules

December 24, 2008    

As a site owner or manager, you may have come across residents who receive annuities. If so, you must ask how the annuity should be treated—that is, as income or as an asset, or whether to exclude it entirely based on which it is, says affordable housing consultant Elizabeth Moreland, an...