Dealing with Households

Adopt Policy to Assure Fair Use of Community Room

March 28, 2010    

HUD encourages—and federal laws require—equitable access to and usage of your site's common areas and community room for all residents. Handbook 4350.3 (HUD Occupancy Handbook), Chapter 2, notes that under the Fair Housing Act, owners may not “treat anyone differently in...

Six Keys to Cooperation When Painting Residents' Units

February 22, 2010    

Your maintenance plan includes painting resident units on a regular schedule, but your residents might not always cooperate. For example, they may drag their feet when asked to prepare the unit for painting or grumble about giving the painters access to the unit.

Housing maintenance...

How to Get Residents to Comply with Recycling Program

February 1, 2010    

HUD encourages and supports a range of environmentally friendly practices, such as the use of renewable energy sources and green construction and renovation techniques. Many sites are taking steps in the right direction, finding that when they use such practices, they can trim operational costs...

Maintain Medical Emergency Cards for Residents

October 25, 2009    

Residents of sites operated by Cohoes Housing Authority in Cohoes, N.Y., have one less worry in a medical emergency. The housing authority has implemented a medical emergency data card system that puts all the information emergency medical personnel would need at their fingertips.

Declining Economy Sparks Rise in Unauthorized Guests

September 22, 2009    

The weakened economy and poor job market are affecting everyone. In assisted housing, one problem that's hitting site managers around the country is a growing incidence of unauthorized guests.

The Insider talked with a California property management company executive about how...

HUD Clarifies Pet Regulations with Final Rule

February 1, 2009    

In late October, HUD announced a final regulation that delivers consistency between pet rules and service animal rules, says Denise Muha, executive director of the National Leased Housing Association (NLHA).